Excerpts from the Rammerscales Manuscript

“…above the principal gate was cut in freestone, in a Skutcheon, three Bells, and for a Crest, a hand holding a dagger, paleways proper.”

“It is a fact uncontroverted, the Bells of Kirkconnel were a very brave and warlike race of men, and upon all occasions they stuck firm to the House of Douglas, with whom they were allied in blood as well as their Vassals; that they generally accompanied any of the family in their expeditions and invasions into England; and the Bells of Kirkconnel being valient men, were always sent upon the most hazardous enterprises, especially on the borders, where sometimes much blood was shed and great booty was carried off from the enemies of the country.”

“The first Charter that appears from Records and Vouchers relating to the Bells is a Charter granted by Archibald, Earl of Douglas, to William Bell, of the lands of Kirkconnel, which is ratified by a Charter under the great Seal of King James the first, anno mccccxxiv.” 

Notable Bells in History