Who We Are

Our Mission

Clan Bell Society, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to uniting all Bells (including various related spellings) and raising the profile of Clan Bell throughout the world.

We accomplish this mission through a variety of outreach programs.  These efforts include hosting Clan Bell tents at Highland games events, encouraging members to take part in the Bell Y-DNA Project and reaching out to extended family through our website and social media presence. 

Extraordinary Volunteers

The entire staff of Clan Bell Society is made up of dedicated volunteers who are unwavering in their support of Clan Bell.  Our organization would not be possible without their hard work and ongoing commitment. 

Devoted Members

Our subscribing members allow us to reach even higher goals for Clan Bell.  Their paid memberships help sustain the funding needs of our outreach programs and charity work.  We are eternally grateful to our members who faithfully maintain their memberships in Clan Bell Society. 

Our Team

Michael Bell, President

David Bell, Vice President

Pauline Bell, Vice President

Nancy Worley, Secretary & Treasurer

Kellie Hendley, Director of Social Media

William Bell, Commissioner

Lester Bell, Member at Large

Raymond Bell, Commissioner

Ronald Bell, Commissioner

Janine & Carl Rauscher, Historians

Lindsey Abbott, Commissioner